André Lévêque

Biographical Note

By Niall McMahon

I was contacted by Holger Martin in 2006 with this short biography of André Lévêque. I had been unable to find much information about Lévêque. It's at Wikipedia, as well. My original page from 2006 is reproduced below.

By Holger Martin, Prof. Dr.-Ing., Institut für Thermische Verfahrenstechnik, Universität Karlsruhe (TH), 2006.

This article also formed the original Wikipedia entry.

André Marcel Lévêque was born at Beauvais, France, October 23, 1896 at 7 pm as the first son of Henri Eugène Lévêque (29, artiste at the Manufacture nationale) and his wife Blanche Eugénie Paintré (29), rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques no. 1.

During the war (1914-1918) he served his country as a soldier, as we learn from his certificate of marriage (Béthune, 1925/7/24) that he had been decorated with the "croix de guerre". From an obituary published in the Bulletin mensuel de l’Union des Officiers de Réserve de l’Arrondissement de Béthune No. 50, Février 1931 we learn that he joined the armed forces as a simple artillerist, but very soon he became an officer. Several times he was cited as being very cold-blooded, and serving in extremely dangerous situations. Three times (during the battles of the 14th and 15th of July as well as of the 20th of August 1918, he is said to have been exposed to the gases (citation de l’Association des Officiers de Réserve).

After the war, as the first ("major") in the competition, he was admitted to the famous École polytechnique ("promotion 1919, S"). He also left this school ranking first (arretée par le jury de classement le 25 juillet 1921). (There was no diplome to be obtained from the école polytechnique in those times). Later he continued his studies at the École des Mines.

Within the Corps de Mines he became Engineer by July 1923 and received the diplôme d’ingénieur des Mines on the 9th of August 1923. He was put in charge of (the mines in) the sub arrondissement of Arras-East at his residence Béthune in 1924 and of the sub arrondissement Béthune East in 1927. In that same year he was named Engineer-in-Chief of the 1st class. At Béthune, July 24, 1925, he marries Clotilde Marie Elise Foret, born at Carvin the 19th of February 1902. A daughter of André Lévêque and Clotilde Foret seems to have been born in 1925, who unfortunately died, only three years old, in 1928.

In 1928, the 30th of March he defends his thèse de doctorat entitled "Les lois de la transmission de chaleur par convection" before a jury (MM. Koenigs, Fabry, Villat) of the Faculté des Sciences de Paris.

This thesis is published in full length (of 192 printed pages) in the Annales des Mines, Tome XIII, p. 201-299, 305-362, 381-415. The most important original part of his thesis, i.e. the derivation of an asymptotic equation of convective heat transfer in a fully developed flow ("the Lévêque equation", p. 287) can be found on p. 283-299.

The 47 references listed on p. 413-415, contain 24 papers of German authors, with 13 of these from Wilhelm Nusselt, one entitled "Die Wärmeübertragung im Rohr" from the "Festschrift zur Hundertjahrfeier der Technischen Hochschule Karlsruhe, 1925".

In 1929 his son Jean André Eugène Lévêque is born, who, twenty years later also is admitted to the Ecole polytechnique (promotion 1949). He was working as an engineer in air traffic control and among other acivities, he contributed to the well-known EUROCONTROL air traffic control centre installed at Karlsruhe.

André Lévêque died on March 1, 1930 from tuberculosis at Pau, in a suburb called Bizanos. This place close to the Pyrenees has been recommended to him by the doctors because of the better "air". He was buried at Beauvais, where he was born only 33 years and 4 months before (see Bulletin mensuel..).

The biographical data obtained from the Mairies de Beauvais(Oise) et de Béthune (Pas de Calais), from the école des Mines, and the école Polytechnique, Paris and especially from André Lévêques son, M. Jean Lévêque, Boulogne/Seine, are gratefully acknowledged.

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