Niall McMahon

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EWEC 2007


Niall McMahon

(Monday 7th - Thursday 10th May 2007)

My primary interest at this time was the state of the art in electronic resource assessment. The meeting was very useful and I managed to have some interesting discussions. I attended the industrial exhibition just for the day. This is very much cheaper than attending the conference proper but can be almost as useful.

Edited Notes

For GE, resource assessment is a bottleneck process. Packages such as Ventos are integrating Lidar measurements. Garrad Hassan has begun to offer software and recently selected Meteodyn as its preferred CFD supplier.

Windpro seems to be the dominant application in the market, mentioned by General Electric and Suzlon representatives. Windpro consists of a basis platform on which different modules can be assembled. These modules include a CFD module (Windsim), a WAsP interface and a visualisation feature that ties-in with Google Maps. The system can pull in SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) data about wind farm sites.

Meteodyn markets its tools as "push button CFD". This seems optimistic with the current state of the art in computational fluid dynamics.