Niall McMahon

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About me

I'm an engineer with Enterprise Defence. I'm also the CEO & Founder of Simpitiko, a privately funded start-up building clever codes.

Before Simpitiko, I was as a senior research fellow at TCD, working in wind energy.

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Writing and work

Here is some of my writing and work, including wind energy teaching notes.

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Conferences, talks and travel

I live near Dublin in Ireland. I like to travel and sometimes I'm fortunate enough to be invited places. Here are some of them:


2019-12-04. Invited delegate on a business opportunity mission Aldershof Technology Park in Berlin. Simpitiko joined other technology companies from the Newry/Mourne/Down/Louth/Meath transfrontier region. Organised and mostly funded by the Meath Local Enteprise Office.

Twelve local technology companies return home following bilateral talks in Berlin (LMFM).

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Email's almost always the best way to find me; try niall.mcmahon at gmail. If you'd like to talk to me, my phone number is +353 (0)87 683 9648.