Niall McMahon

Wind Energy Lecture Notes
M.Sc. Renewable Energy Systems, DkIT.

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First Semester Notes

(#01.)  Lecture   Online   Introduction to Wind Energy and Turbines (i)(ii)

(#02.)  Lecture   Online   Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines

(#03.)  Lecture   Online   Power, Torque and Speed Control (i)(ii)

(#04.)  Lecture   Online   Design of Wind Turbines

(#05.)  Lecture   Online   Power Systems in Wind Turbines

(#06.)  Lecture   See Handout  Characteristics of the Wind Resource (Additional Note)

(#07.)  Lecture   See Handout  Assessment of the Wind Resource (Additional Note)

(#08.)  Lecture   Online   Environmental Impact of Wind Development

(#09.)  Lecture   Online   Wind Development

(#10.)  Lecture   Online   Small Wind and Offshore Wind (i)(ii)

Second Semester Notes

(#01.)  Lecture   Online   More About the Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines

(#02.)  Lecture   Online   More About Wind Turbine Design

(#03.)  Lecture   Online   The Mechanics and Dynamics of Wind Turbines (i)(ii)

(#04.)  Lecture   Not Online  More About the Characteristics and Measurement of the Wind Resource

(#05.)  Lecture   Online   More About the Environmental Impact of Wind Development (Noise)

(#06.)  Lecture   Not Online  More About Wind Turbine Economics

(#07.)  Lecture   Online   More About Wind Turbine Control

(#08.)  Lecture   Online   More About Power Systems in Wind Turbines


In 2013, I took over the course directorship of DkIT's M.Sc. in Renewable Energy Systems. From 2011, I taught wind energy with help from Fergal O'Rourke. The M.Sc. RES was established in 2006 inspired by the mission of the Centre for Renewable Energy at DkIT, to help Ireland's transition to a renewable energy based future. I left DkIT in January 2014 .

There is some additional administrative information about the degree at the website of DkIT's School of Engineering.

The recommended textbook for the wind course is Wind Energy Explained by Manwell, McGowan and Rogers.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with me.

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