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After the Summer


Niall McMahon

SimBlogging. Contributions to the blog of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare 2006.

Well, it's been quite a while already since I posted to SimBlog and the summer's come and gone! Academic life has started back up again here at Dublin City University with student sounds floating up to my window as I type and leaves on the ground. Dublin in Autumn! Melvyn Bragg's excellent radio programme, In Our Time, has also started back up on BBC Radio 4 on Thursday mornings. With a different topic each week (from Martin Luther to Immunisation), three knowledgeable researchers in the topic field are invited to a live discussion chaired by Melvyn Bragg. I highly recommend it and full archives, with some programmes relevant to this blog, are available online.

Back on topic at SimBlog, a friend of mine recommended I take a look at Code Aster last week. Built by EDF, Électricité de France, Code Aster is a general use finite element solver for thermo-mechanical problems and best of all, it's free. I have yet to investigate! There is also English documentation and an unofficial Windows version. OpenFOAM is another free multi-physics solver that is worth investigating. Based on finite volume techniques, like the commercial code Fluent, OpenFOAM is a very complete Unix/Linux based system.

I also came across a nice preprint of a paper, an overview of Numerical Analysis, earlier this week at Oxford University's Computing Lab. It's called Numerical Analysis and it's by Nick Trefethen. It's lunchtime here and I'm going to take a walk through the campus!