Niall McMahon

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One Day at a Time


Niall McMahon

WHILE skimming the web the other day, I came across an article at Dr. Dobb's Portal about project management when facing impossible deadlines. I like this kind of article, it's reassuring to be reminded that you're not the first person to crash through a target date. For this reason I also like the already classic The Mythical Man Month by Frederick Brooks and his observation that a project gets to be one year overdue one day at a time. One day at a time, it all adds up and pretty quickly too! On a similar thread, Eliyahu Goldratt's The Goal offers hope by urging us to focus only on actions that will take us closer to meeting our targets. There are echoes of this in GI Taylor's plea to scientists to remember that they should keep basic research always in the foreground, that it is the fundamentals that matter; science, not administration, is the goal. Colin Powell, in his autobiography, My American Journey, counsels that when you're stuck you should do something. This is very sound advice, I think, and a good enough place as any to end this slightly rambling entry!

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