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Wind Energy Lecture Notes

PG Dip Sustainable Energy, Trinity College Dublin.

Delivered Lectures

 21/10/2016   Online   Introduction to Wind Energy
 See also  Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines


Update 03/04/2017

See the Wind Europe 2016 site for the conference programme. This is a useful guide to the important concerns for the wind energy industry today. Also take a look at Wind Europe's Making Transition Work manifesto. Have a look at the programme and slides from the 2016 Small Wind Summit in Vienna for more about small wind energy.


See Starting in Small Wind for useful links. Useful books include Wind Energy Basics by Paul Gipe, Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air by MacKay, the Wind Energy Handbook by Burton et al and Wind Energy Explained by Manwell et al.. For more about wind turbine aerodynamics, see Hansen's Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines and for more about electrical aspects, see Renewable Energy in Power Systems by Freris and Infield.


See Paul Gipe's Wind Works and Hugh Piggott's site for good technical information and news.


It's important that you understand the real and imagined concerns that people have about wind energy. It's a strange one for me to recommend but it's worth watching Windfall (youtube trailer with sound); it illustrates the essential arguments and concerns of those opposed to wind development. There are many important observations here for those interested in understanding the social aspects of wind energy (or the social aspects of any development).

Some Links with Recent Statistics

(Wind) Energy Worldwide Irish Numbers Manufacturers

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