Wind Engineering Journal Formats

By Niall McMahon
April 13th, 2010

Wind Engineering, the Multi-Science Publishing journal, has a non-standard citation style. Between 1993 and 2003 Patrick M. Daly and Arthur Ogawa created the useful makebst.tex as part of the custom-bib package for LaTex. Once the package is installed, the makebst tool can generate a base docstrip batch job (.dbj) file; this can then be edited manually and run using tex filename.dbj to create the final bibtex style file. In order to render the LaTex article correctly, the ulem package is also required. This changes all emphasised text into wrapping underlined text. Normal underlined text does not wrap in LaTex. Any emphases in the main document can be replaced with italicised text using \textit{} with little difference in appearance.

An official bibtex style file is not obviously available, however please feel free to download, use - and improve - these first rough drafts of an unofficial set of style and .dbj files, created as outlined above.

Aside from Multi-Science's citation format, Wind Engineering also requires the typeface of section headings to be sans serif, e.g. Arial or Helvetica. See here for more about fonts. The short way to change the font family of a piece of text to Helvetica is to write:

\fontfamily{phv}\selectfont{piece of text}

As an addendum, a much better way to control section heading formats in LaTex is to use the sectsty package. The full description document is available to read here, this copy hosted by Brown's CS department.

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